Arc System Works Releases Patch Fixing Security Issue

After a breach in the security of PC versions of Arc System Works titles, a patch fixes the issue, making them safe to play once again. Games such as Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R, and Blazblue Central Fiction were suffering from security issues that made the games unsafe to play online. 

The exploit found in both games was allowing hackers to steal passwords and gain access to the victims’ computers. The community was able to learn about the issue and give caution to the rest of the player base. The exploit was able to work by sending files to the client, disguised as game files, and executing a file. 

Once the virus executes, it gave the hacker administrative control and steals data from the computer. The only defense against it required the player base to have an up to date anti-virus software. The virus wasn’t always noticeable from most anti-virus software, so there was always a risk. Playing with trusted players was the only other viable way to play online without risking a virus.

A tweet brought light to the exploit on Jul. 14. Thankfully, five days after the tweet, Arc System Works was able to release a patch on Jul. 19 to fix the exploit. 

The Patch

The exploit only affected the PC version of the game, the console version of Blazblue Centralfiction was always safe to play. However, this affected the games that recently received major updates bringing rollback netcode to the PC versions. 

Currently, there have been no announcements for bringing Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R to modern consoles. Neither has there been an announcement for BlazBlue Central Fiction rollback implementation due to cross-generation between PS3 and PS4.

Arc System Works hasn’t been the only one to suffer from a plague of hackers. Other companies such as Sony have had to deal with hackers attacking their older titles and servers. Little Big Planet, Little Big Planet 2, and Little Big Planet 3 servers were continuously attacked by hackers.

Unfortunately, Little Big Planet players suffered the most as the PS3 servers were all shut down due to the attacks. All the custom content made by the fanbase disappeared forever.

The Aftermath

Thankfully, Arc System Works was able to figure out the issue and fix it before any more damage was done. The worst-case scenario would’ve led to the best versions of these older fighting games being unsafe to play online in the future.

The exploit isn’t possible in other Arc System Works games, such as Guilty Gear due to using an entirely different coding for its online structure. While there have been minor reports of exploits and other hacks, none have been as severe and very uncommon. 

However, Arc System Works and other developers should be wary of the security their games have. It’s in their best interest to protect the player base from any future exploits to preserve the population online.

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