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Design’N’Buy, a renowned web to print solution provider will be conducting a webinar on 14th July 2022. In this live discussion, the CEO and Co-founder of the organization Nidhi Agrawal along with Pat McGrew (McGrewGroup, Inc and MC2 Services LLC) and David Zwang (Zwang& Co.) will discuss how web-to-pack solutions are bringing the digital transformation in the packaging industry and how the significance of the technology for the sustainable growth of the Packaging businesses.

Digital Transformation is on the agenda of almost all the industries around the world and with the growing adaptation of online channels by the customers, the packaging industry across the globe has also joined the bandwagon of digital transformation.

By integrating various software solutions, packaging businesses are either planning or creating an online channel and introduce automation in various business processes such as packaging design, order management, customer management and others.

But, with the increasing opportunities, the printing and packaging businesses are also facing challenges and failures in creating a sustainable digital ecosystem that aligns with their businesses. Making a transition from a conventional brick and mortar business to an online business or a hybrid business requires expertise, experience and meticulous planning.

As a leading web to print solution provider, Design’N’Buy identified various such businesses that wanted to initiate and integrate digital transformation but did not have an expert onboard to help them with the transition.

It was also observed that most of the businesses were relying on little information that they gathered during their secondary research. Thus, to help these packaging and printing businesses, Design’N’Buy is organizing a webinar where 3 industry veterans who have a proven track record of successfully integrating digital solutions for printing and packaging businesses will share their knowledge and expertise.

In their agenda of discussion, Design’N’Buy has shared that the webinar will have various topics covered where the experts will talk about:

The webinar will cover the significance of digital transformation and how it will impact the future of printing and packaging industry.

Their experience and knowledge about the current challenges of printing and packaging businesses and also share insights on how to navigate them.

The webinar will also provide industry updates such as current market trends, customer expectations and growth hacks for a sustainable print and/or packaging online store.

Talking about the guest experts that would be conducting these discussions with the attendees of this webinar, Pat Macgrew is the managing director of McGrewGroup, Inc. who is also a consultant, researcher, speaker, facilitator, writer and a communication technology evangelist! With more than 2 decades of experience in Print, CCM, Product & Sales Triage, Pat has successfully built his career in and around printing, packaging and graphics.

On the other hand, David Zwang brings on table experience of 3 decades in the print technology industry and has been serving the industry as a consultant. With subject matter expertise in data driven publishing, packaging print technology and processes, David has helped many businesses with a seamless digital transformation journey and helped them in optimizing their processes, productivity and profitability.

The webinar will not only have detailed discussions and QnA between the attendees and the experts, but it will also have a detailed demonstration of the cutting-edge web-to-pack solution that Design’N’Buy offers in the market.

The web-to-pack solution from Design’N’Buy is not just a digital designing platform, but it’s a complete solutions that facilitates packaging businesses to automate and digitize various business processes and aid customers with seamless designing processes by connecting designers, buyers and printers on one single platform.

Who must participate in this Webinar?

Print and packaging online stores that wants to initiate the digital transformation drive in their business.

Packaging and printing service providers who want to automate and digitize their business processes.

Online packaging stores that want to integrate various digital transformation technologies in their business.

Businesses that are customer-centric and want to increase their efficiency and productivity.

For those who want to create a successful and sustainable online print or packaging store.

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Design’N’Buy brief introduction:
With global clientele, comprehensive technology solutions and one of the most experienced resource pool, Design’N’Buy is a web-to-print solution provider that has been dominating the print and packaging digital solutions market since 2008. With their cutting-edge products and web development, maintenance and support services; they has been enabling and facilitating print stores of all types and scales in gaining a competitive edge in their respective market.