Role Playing For A Happily Ever After: Weddings Trends In MMORPG

Did You Know?

8.7% of male and 23.2% of females said they have been married once ONLINE- while role playing in a paid or free online MMORPG- the Daedaulus Project’s study claims. The study further claims that 1.2% of the male and 10.1% of the female populace claims to have been married more than once.

Welcome to the curious, intoxicating and ever persistent world of MMORPG.


Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games is a contemporary genre of role playing game that allows a large number of players to populate a single world where they can interact with one another in various manners – chat, trade, make alliances, wage wars, etc.

What about the payments? Well, most of the game play can be considered as a free online MMORPG experience. You need only be in possession of a web browser and sound internet connectivity.

The process of induction is fairly simple. You sign up on the client’s webpage with a username, choose an avatar – a virtual representation of yourself- customize it to your liking and head off into the virtual world to interact, and if it comes to be so… get married!

Tales Of Marriage

The marriage ceremonies that occur in many MMORPG become notorious for their proceedings. It is attended by other players- with whom alliances have been forged of course! Toasts are raised and at times avatars who have indulged beyond their capacity have been known to fall into lakes and… drown

Memorable and amusing examples, as mentioned in the report include:

Evil vows -Role playing elves are known to take vows of “walking the path of darkness with each other in hopes of slaying the innocent”.

Kidnappings- Where the wife was kidnapped and the husband given clues to find her and at journeys end a gladiator’s fight with a horde of fantastic monster before re uniting with the ‘bride’.

Disruptions- The attendants, bride and groom reach the guild to find it wiped off by a horse- charmed and corrupted by a rival guild.

Charmed Brides – The bride getting charmed by another player goes after her husband and kills him. “It didn’t bode well for the marriage when the bride kills the groom the day after the wedding” claimed the husband!

Do not think of this as the end to the free online MMORPG experience. The possibilities are endless, since it’s not you faced with an A.I, rather a host of others like you!