Web Design Tips to Boost Online Conversions

Prioritize Design

Looks may not be everything when creating a website but they could contribute a lot. Based on a recent study, users can determine the credibility of a website based on its design and Adobe shows that 68% of consumers say that a good quality design is the key to having a positive online experience. When visitors have a good user experience on a site, there is a higher probability that they will become customers.

Go for the Right Colors

The right choice of colors has always been a critical factor when it comes to marketing and product packaging and there are several studies that show the effect of color on purchasing decisions. A 2019 survey reveals that 85% of consumers buy a product because of its color. Color is also essential in websites as 52% of online users say that they only return to sites that have striking colors and appealing aesthetics as a whole. In designing a website, it is always a must to choose striking color combinations that best represent the brand image and encourage the mood they want customers to experience when visiting the site.

Optimize for Mobile Use

Since majority of online users access websites with the use of a mobile device, it is critical to provide mobile users with a good experience. An effective way to do it is to make sure that all conversion points including call to action buttons can easily be reached by the thumb.

Consider the Rule of Thirds

This design principle has been used in the print world and now in web design, which is used to know a page’s best spots, where to include key content depending on where the user’s eye looks right away. Imagining a tic-tac-toe grid on a web page, which separates the page horizontally and vertically, the four corners of the square at the center are the best places to include essential content such as calls to action and headers.

Include Strong Call to Action (CTA) Buttons

Users click on call to action buttons whenever they want to initiate a conversion so there should be strong CTA buttons to give a higher conversion rate. According to studies, the CTA buttons that gave the highest conversion rates are those in color green, orange and red because such colors draw the eyes of users as they stand out on a page.

Reduce Choices

Studies reveal that if users are provided with more options, it takes longer for them to decide. People can boost their conversion rate by putting a limit to the number of choices given to users. When there is a primary action they want users to follow, they need a clear path to that action and not a list of different options.